WeiYe Intelligent Equipment(Dan Yang) Co., Ltd.
    Located in Jiangsu Province, officially founded in 1988, which is a Chinese leading manufacturer of 23,000 square meters’ production plant for satellite products and sophisticated MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service)to the world.
    With the production capability of 350,000…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Hochmotorisierte Temperaturschweißbrenner
    . Kochen und Catering .fügen Sie Farbe und Textur, Blasen und Skinning, Beenden von Lebensmitteln für die Präsentation und das Hinzufügen von Drama bei der Bedienung von Beleuchtung Grill und Brände.
    . Entstaubung und Auftauende gefrorene Wasserleitungen sowie andere Sanitärarbeiten
    Punkt NeinWS-…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Our History
    – On May. 21, 1993
    The Tongzhou City Tengfei Food Machinery Factory was set up.
    – In May, 1998
    We changed the name of our company into Nantong Tengtong Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
    – In May, 2002
    The company moved to the self-built new plant area which covered an area of nearly 7000m2.
    – In September, 2004
    We got the license of export
    -…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Our History
    Teyne Garment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2018, a new environmental garment enterprise integrating the design, production and sales of T-shirts, polo shirts, down clothing and other products. Based on the concept of quality, comfort, vogue, Cost-Effective and Diversification, Teyne has produced a series of…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Low price PIE series rotary encoder for CNC machine made in china
    Date sheet:
    External diameter63mmMax RPM6000 RPM (max)
    Shaft Diameter9.5mmVibration50ms2,10-200Hz, X, Y,Y Z each direction 2h
    Current Consumption≤ 60mAImpact980ms2, 6ms2 ,10~200Hz, X, Y,Z each direction 2h
    Resolution1024P/RIP CodeIP65
    Signal FormABZ Square WaveWorking T…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • With the increasing demands for multi-functional, miniaturized and high-powered electronic products, the demands for ceramic heat sink is getting more and more. 96% alumina ceramic heat sink has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, it could help electronic devices dissipate heat efficiently and keep them working normally. It…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • About Us
    Our History
    Qingdao GRC Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Formerly a private company founded in 2010.
    Mainly for customers with high-quality woodworking machinery products and high-quality supporting processing services. The factory is located in Qingdao City, the plant area of 8,500 square meters, office area of 2,000 square…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Our Factory
    Our factory was founded in 1989, more than 20 years located in Gaoyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Provience, China. Near by Tianjin Port, Beijing Port and Qingdao Port. More than 100 employees, about 1 million annual revenue, our own workshop and warehouse.
    Company Profile
    Gaoyang Yongfang Textile. Co., Ltd.
    We are a microfiber towel…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Our History
    Jiaxing Eternal Electronic Co., Ltd., a member of Asia Sunshine Industrial Group, is a leading manufacturer specialized in total foil, film, and tape solutions since 2000.
    Our Factory
    5,000m虏 workshop, 50 empolyees, about 100km near to Shanghai and Ningbo seaport.
    Our Product
    Aluminum Polyester Tape (AL/PET tape), Copper Polyester T…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • Product Description
    Portable Solar Power System 12V 100ah Camping RV Lithium Battery Bank.
    A wonderful camping and journey with Enerbyte battery!
    The followings are the details:
    Lithium Telecom Battery Bank 12V 100Ah
    Rated voltage12VCapacity100Ah
    Voltage range10V -14.6VCharge currentMax 100A
    Continuous discharge100APeak…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • elengr أصبح عضواً مسجلاً منذ 1 أسبوع، 3 أيام

  • osman أصبح عضواً مسجلاً منذ 2 أسبوعين، 1 يوم

  • fengheng وضع تحديثا منذ 1 شهر

    JIANGXI ZONJLI HIGH-TECH CO.,LTD.(ZONJLI for short) found in 1999 and located in Nanchang city of Jiangxi Province of China, which is a famous measuring high-tech enterprise.JIANGXI ZHONGJIALI SCALE&SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Is ZONJLI manufacturing base, ZONJLI main product is electronic weighing scale, various types of electronic weighing scale annual…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • fengheng وضع تحديثا منذ 1 شهر

    Germany hose clamp
    Main Products
    1.German hose clamps: the unique side pressing design, and non-perforated design can effectively prevent the soft surface of the silicone tube and hose from damage.
    2.American hose clamps: with band thread through-hole, and teeth of the screw fitted in, they have more powerful locking. and accurate Occlusion.…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • fengheng وضع تحديثا منذ 1 شهر

    “Oxford” was found in 2007, started with a Smart TV Supplier, assembled Smart TV in China and Middle East. From 2010, we received more and more demands from our customers globally, looked for a reliable single window that helps them to manage all the materials and productions needed for their Electronic Products assembly projects and…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • fengheng وضع تحديثا منذ 1 شهر

    Resturant Wooden Bottle Power Bank Menu holders
    Description of Power Bank Menu:
    Our factory was established in 2006, mainly engaged in all Display products. We have been focusing on developing and producing Power Bank Menu and Acrylic display products as a leading manufacturer. Our factory covers 2000 square meter and own more than 100 workers.…[إقرأ المزيد]

  • fengheng وضع تحديثا منذ 1 شهر

    Pitch 16/33 LED mesh curtain
    72% transparency rate, 7500nit brightness, 10kg per square meter, IP67 all weather design.

    Key features
    Pixel Pitch: 16mm/33mm (V/H)
    Pixel Configuration: 3mm oval LEDs
    Brightness: 7500 nits
    Panel size: 500mm*1000mm*55mm
    Panel weight: 5kg
    Transparency rate: 72%
    Service: easy front and rear access
    ● Up to 72% t…[إقرأ المزيد]

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